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The difference is that the one who did not even eat as much as I did had trouble recovering their skills. This is just so heart warming in a positive way the fact that someone can just disappear from theirself suddenly and they re here to help others. People should always stay positive and try to exercise self-controlcope with what they have and find a way to recover. This is a very important time for everyone and I think people will have a better view of themselves and others. You take a bite of your sandwich, and it really does taste good. You get to thinking about those celebrities who struggled with their mental illness and how it must have probably made them more creative and happier because they were always working through their problems. You cant help but grin at the thought that maybe youd be able to do that too. You take another bite, and then another. Its really hard to stop, and suddenly you notice that you cant stop thinking about the other people, some of whom are really close to you. Its a voice, but you dont recognize it right away. All you know is that someone is speaking to you, and you want them to stop. I mean, no, not really, you say, trying to shift your eyes away. Im really, really lost right now. Im sure you didnt do any of this on purpose. Just get so lost in your own mind, it must have been hard for you to tell me that. I havent really had time to think about you, and this is good to at least let me know that youre there. I wasnt sure if people should really talk to me like this, let alone talk.

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celebrities with ptsd