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S right that all celebrities have to go through such trials. S been over five years since he first admitted he has OCD. S received a lot of support since the article was written. DiCaprio has been open about his problems, saying during a recent interview with the NY Daily News, Ive gone to therapy, Ive had therapy and I still have to deal with things. T walk outside with the windows open at all, except for maybe a crevice. T like being alone so I deal with it by engaging other people. I also have panic attacks, which are extremely frightening. S house because I was so afraid that someone was going to kill me. DiCaprio has also discussed his diagnosis with actor Jonah Hill and fellow actress Cate Blanchett in the pages of the NY Daily News. FoxIn an interview on Good Morning America, Michael J. Fox talks about how he first got the diagnosis of OCD and depression. When he went to see his psychiatrist, he was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. Fox went on to say that people often misunderstand OCD because if people knew the real story, it would probably cause more anxiety. While working on the Family Ties TV series, Fox began to get anxious every time he would close his eyes to go to sleep. He would get so anxious that he would not only not be able to sleep, but he was unable to concentrate while he was asleep. Fox had a panic attack and even had to be hospitalized. In another interview, Fox had more to say on his mental health issues. People have more problems than actual diseases.

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celebrities with psychological disorders