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HMMM,HMMM Tumblr is a place which is known for its beautiful animated gifs, and Tumblr Tumblr. The Tumblr community is a diverse one, filled with people from all walks of life. Oh, and I just wanted to say, I am now an American. Tori Spelling: It was such a good choice, I know I should have picked something a little more out there, but I felt this was just so perfect. And I know they wouldnt let me into the country on any other reason. Can you believe I just got into a fucking comic shop. Tori Spelling: Oh wait, I guess I can just buy a plane ticket on a budget too. How am I supposed to tell my boyfriend about getting an alien girlfriend with an alien hairdo. Tori Spelling:, Sigh, Okay, maybe I gotta talk to him about this. I didnt even think a cartoon could lead to this kind of crazy. So have you made up your mind about whether youre going to go or not. Tori Spelling: I cant believe you actually went to the airport and got on a plane, I mean for real. Tori Spelling: No, I couldnt make this shit up if the world was upside down. Tori Spelling: I thought you might be a bit weirded out by having an alien girlfriend, but then again, I dont really get off on meeting aliens that often. Tori Spelling: Okay, Im sure by now youre all feeling the need to get off your duff and head to the comic shop. Tori Spelling: Im sorry I said it wasnt real, I got a little excited there. I dont think Ive ever been so emotionally invested in anything. Its just, thats really cool and all, but it just wouldnt be real if it wasnt true. I mean I will be your real life girlfriend after all. Tori Spelling: I didnt mean to yell at you, you know.

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