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I was so terrified that I wasnt even paying attention to the moment, my performance or even who was actually singing. I was just thinking about how bad of an idea it was and how, in order to save my life, I had to quit. I had no idea why I did this, I was just afraid. By the time I got to the emergency room, they were having no luck in getting me sober and I ended up getting sent home. I wasnt on stage for nearly a month and my career as a live performer was over. I had to sit in my room all by myself for a very long time, thinking about killing myself. Ive tried to go back to live performances but it doesnt seem like the same thing. I know its been a few years, life goes on. I did eventually finish my degree and get an actual job. I was an actor and singer for a very long time, but it was only after I had a stroke a few years back that I had to give it all up. I just want to say, this isnt the type of story that should be posted on Reddit. This has probably fucked up my life even more than I thought it could. Ill always carry the memory of how I felt during that day, for the best part of it anyway Im so sorry if I have made you regret some of the things youve done. I realize I probably shouldnt be this talkative right now, but I wanted to tell my story. And I hope it helps at least one of you out there. Our game is called The Maze of Games, and its set in a world of fun and funner games, where games are played for a fun reason. But this life isnt just about having fun; its about learning and growing, about finding out what youre made of, whether youre cut out to be a hero or an ordinary person. This game is about the journey, the adventure, and you, the player who will make it to the end, whether that be a happy ending or a tragic one. The Maze of Games is about finding your purpose in life, the quest that awaits you. The Maze of Games is a self-described RPG style game, but its meant to be played in an episodic manner. Episodic being the key word here, because it means you play the episodes in a certain order.

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