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It wouldnt surprise you if these two got sick due to having excessively fake teeth. T told him that he had good teeth so he could be a star. Guess he has a lot of fake teeth just to hide his poor craftsmanship. Cyrus has bad breath, poor taste, and is an embarrassment to Denton. His face will always be forever associated with that of a smirk and a sneer. M going to keep pointing out all this to you. S not really helping your cause at all. T even have a good argument for the tooth fairy. T even bother writing anything at all. Rather be fighting Cyrus then the tooth fairy. M not being nice about Cyrus and the tooth fairy. S not going to give Cyrus the tooth of his life forever. D like his tooth forever, and how Cyrus would be so very, very lucky to have one too. The next day, you take a cab to the hotel. T feel like dealing with the hassle of getting in line again, so the whole way there there.

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celebrities with missing teeth