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These celebrities have all publicly admitted that they have mental health issues, have. You cant believe that none of these people have ever opened up about their personal issues to you before. Some are really nice and talk about their problems a lot. Some are a little more distant and are always talking about random stuff. There are also people on this list that are not even on this list. People who are considered heroes but arent on this list, or people who have committed suicide in the past. You cant help but compare the people on this list before and the people on this list. You look at the list and you almost feel like it is going to help you. You have never felt this good in your life before and you are going to use this list to help you conquer the panic attacks. You continueYour first thoughts are that this is great news. People are talking about your life and that you will do well in life. But then you remember a few things. The list has many people on it you do not know or have never heard of. You just want a nice quiet night to relax by yourself and enjoy your newfound success. You have all these people talking about you and it is really distracting you from your own life. You quickly come up with all your friends and family names as you realize that you have no idea who the hell Viki is and you should probably make a quick plan on who you should talk to. Okay, I will tell you all my contacts and Ill let you know what I think of them. You all head up to your room with Viktor ahead of you. You are really nervous, but the list should help with that. You open your mouth to say something, then stop yourself. No point in going on a long speech before you even know anyone.

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celebrities with mental illness list