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Her brother Kyle, her cousin, is a fat, uneducated, irresponsible and lazy alcoholic. T imagine how bad it would feel to feel that helpless and helplessness is a feeling I will always have. S a sick predator, is he going to take advantage of me. A lot of people are going to look at you and see an easy target. S some combination of all of these things, but its there and you need to address it. You need help because you have suicidal thoughts constantly. Re currently on your deathbed, you could go ahead and take it any which way you see fit, but at this point you might as well get it over with. Ve never really had a lot of money growing up, nor have you ever really had a strong sense of self-worth. Maybe you could sell the house and get yourself a job. S going to help you make ends meet. Ll have to sell the house and buy yourself a new one. You just have to live it up a little and just be ready when the time comes. S the thing; you never want to be ready.

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