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It may be a little outgrown in a few years, but Swift will love this. The post Celebrities with Medium Length Hair appeared first on Hollywood Hair Blogger. The New York Times has an article out today revealing that Donald Trumps tax returns have no link to Russia and that theyre all bogus. What is new is that the New York Times did its homework and found that the Trump tax returns have no link to Russia. Trump has denied all that hes doing and he just did it again in an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson. He said that hes not even being investigated right now. He said, Youre talking about the previous administration. The only thing he didnt mention is that there was an unrelated federal investigation into payments that were made to him by Russian oligarchs. Trump is being investigated whether hes trying to obstruct an investigation by lying to the American people or whether hes doing something illegal by trying to interfere with an investigation. This is the thing, we dont know yet, so we need to know. There is now an investigation into whether Trump obstructed that investigation by firing former FBI Director James Comey as well as by trying to interfere with it by reportedly asking the Russians to hack his opponents emails. There is no evidence that this is what happened, but its been investigated. And it is alleged that Trump had inappropriate contact with Russian officials. So if this is true, how can there be no investigation into whether Trump is trying to obstruct the investigation or whether he has something illegal on him. This is an important question because theres an important difference between interfering with an investigation and lying about your tax returns. If Trump lied to the American people about not being under investigation, that would be obstruction of justice. But lying to the American people about his tax returns is not a crime and there is no evidence he did it. In fact, some legal experts have suggested that Trump could potentially face some serious charges for obstruction of justice, for instance, it would be a federal crime to obstruct, delay or impair, in the words of the U. Code, the investigation of his finances but there would have to be a very good reason to do it such as getting him to say something he shouldnt have said or something that could affect the integrity of the investigation. So, for now, we dont know if Trump has anything on him. If he has done something illegal, he has to be put away for a long time. But if this is just a misunderstanding on his part, then hes getting.

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