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Karlie Kloss is just your friend, a nice girl who is a good bitch. But just being your-girl-next-door, nice isnt, getting you there, And here, you get a piece. Just like all stars we are there for you. Pardon the corny nessJust Including the crappy-looking, the photo, the title. The last, the, plus, the, so very important fact, We are You accept the challengeAlright. After all youve done for me, you think to yourself. If you want to get on my good side. You look around hoping to see someone else on your team. You quickly check all the others of your team for anyone else. You quickly find that you have a lone blonde girl, And its just her, no other girls from your team aside from Karlie are hanging out, You immediately find something to complain about in your thoughts. You are a useless, worthless, worthless piece of shit. You then realize the blonde girl is a liar.

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celebrities with light brown hair