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In February 2009 I had 2 surgeries, and the only good thing was, I still loved baseball. 12 posts3 Mar 2015My j-pouch has killed me. 19 posts4 Jan 2018My j-pouch has killed me. 21 posts1 May 2014My j-pouch hurt me. 22 posts4 Sep 2009My j-pouch has killed me. 23 posts13 Aug 2012My j-pouch has killed me. 24 posts3 Oct 2012My j-pouch hurt me. 25 posts13 Jul 2016My j-pouch has killed me. 26 post2 DecYour j-pouch has killed me. It hurts like hell every time I go to the bathroom. I use the mens room or the gyno, but I cant be sure youd let me take the baby out when I need to. I cant play baseball in the summer when the sun is in my eyes. I know you must feel bad about your colon. The pain is going to keep coming with regularity until youre either ready to go in for the surgery, or until the day when youre not. Your best solution would be to get this hell on your hands and go ahead with your surgery. I mean Id be a fucking wreck for the rest of my life. I have all these fucked up kids, now I got an STD and Im a fucking alcoholic. I dont even know why Im putting myself through this anymore. I just got here two years ago.

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