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The thing about the hooded eye-shape is that even though its not the most flattering, its not an eye that people look away from. When its done well, it actually adds a bit of a creepiness, in a good way, not a get me way, to an already creepy person. Now, to apply your new look, youre going to need that old fashioned mascara, some eye liner and eyelash curler. And since you dont have that much time to do it all, youre going to give yourself a little extra help. You get the makeup on in just a few minutesThe makeup can wait, you know youre going to be in this place for as long as it takes you to do this, so you might as well rush through it. You make your way to the bathroom and go find a chair. You figure youll just start applying it while you wait for your friends to arrive. When you get to the bathroom, you get right to work. The first thing you do is get your eye makeup on, which you grab a little too quickly. You get a little more than a few minutes in before the girls enter, but after that, theyre a lot more talkative. They both head to the elevator and it takes you to your floor. The ride up to the top is actually a little more long than expected, but it gets there and the elevator stops at the floor you were suppose to go to, not the floor you actually were supposed to go to. Your two friends greet you as you enter the elevator. One of them immediately grabs your hand. We have to go in another door, to check out something, but if you get in first, you get to go first. Oh come on, its not like we can say no to a free present right. The two of them laugh and then they pull you into the room. Ok, first things first, lets change up your outfit a bit. So, we grabbed a bunch of random shit at the thrift store, so theres a dress with some floral print that you should wear. Like we bought it for you and were giving it to you as a present. But no, its not an actual gift, just a present.

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