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And if the glaucoma, a condition that damages the optic nerve, can cause blindness. You sit on the cold stone floor, eyes closed and arms outstretched out to catch the cool air thats blowing in from outside. Your breath is the only sound as you breathe in and out. You can smell the crisp autumn air from the inside of the house, but outside you know someone is inside; the scent of clothing and food has made its way inside while you still had the windows open and could still enjoy the smells of the world. The room is bright and cozy from what little light you can see, the bed is soft and comfy from all the blankets over your head, and you havent quite stopped crying yet. You never thought you would ever get this far, let alone find yourself here. You turn your head to look at the wall clock on the right, which reads 12:00 AM. You go back to sleepYou lie back down on the bed and close one eye. You are about to close the other when suddenly you hear a noise behind you. Its the first thing that comes into your mind, but you immediately dismiss it as a nightmare. Your eyes slowly adjust to the darkness and you can see a figure sitting by the fireplace, a candle burning in its hands. Its hair is a dark black and it has some sort of black leathery mask on its face that it is using to hide its eyes. You cant see the expression on its face, though; you have no way of knowing what it looks like, or what it really wants from you. It takes a moment to realize that youre not moving, and the black figure waits patiently. After a few more seconds, the candle is extinguished and the darkness engulfs you once again. You open your eyes to see the darkness once more enveloping you. Youre sitting in bed, but you cant quite tell what year it.

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celebrities with glaucoma