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We all had a pretty good idea it was coming, but the official date was still up in the air and nobody really knew when the expansion was going to be finished. We thought that it would probably take a bit longer than it was taking, but we were all pretty confident that it would be done by the end of the summer and would be out before the fall. We also knew that the game was still going to have a LOT of bugs, so to have that added into the mix made it seem like things were going to be bad. So I was pretty confident that we were going to finish a release by the end of the year, I didnt really think it was going to be any time in September. Were just going to be doing some bug fixes, making the game compatible with XBOX One and PS4. We already added achievements, and are going to have a dedicated website soon. It means were going to be releasing the game with some bugs, just like we did in the summer, but its also going to mean there will be extra content that wasnt in the original game. Were just going to take our extra content and release that for free. Were just going to have to make the choice of whether or not we want to dedicate the time and resources to adding more features to the game that people are going to probably expect before they buy it or not. First thing we did as soon as we got home was get our families all on the line:Cmon, lets go to work. Good, just better than todays ugly. The sun was nearly up and it looked like it was going to be a nice day. Alright then, lets get to work, weve got a lot of catching up to do to make the summer a success. Its hard to believe that weve been in business for less than a year and already were done. Weve made hundreds of games since it all began, and with all the time we spent making this, it means so much more than just money.

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celebrities with frontal fibrosing alopecia