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You guys might think me too old, but I can still look good. S no guarantee it will be as bad as the internet thinks. You say and head to the internetWhen you get to one of the numerous trailer comparison websites, you see several trailers for the movie. T just a generic movie of some space battle thing. You eventually find a trailer that looks a little better. M not going to sit in front of a computer screen waiting for a movie to play out to see how bad it is. You start scrolling through various comments on how the film is awful. T really pay much attention though, since the trailers are the main attraction to you. Still, none of them really compare to the trailer that was playing over the one you watched earlier. T want to, because this trailer is very attractive to you. Re attracted to the trailer that looks like a space battle. The one that is also very attractive to you because of the brightness and the fact that it has a nice soundtrack going on. T actually going to be the movie for another few months and a lot could change. So you sort of have to be positive that this is what will happen to the film. S pretty much the same thing you saw.

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