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He was very drunk as you can see. You notice the time, 11:20, as you have been studying at the time and he spoke to you on the phone. Did he say if he drank anything before he left or after he left. Yeah, he said he had a couple of drinks before he left. Did he ever leave on one of his trips. T want to hurt me and he wanted to stay here with me.

Thats about 16 bottles of average strength spirits 16 x 7. 5 – 88 88 – 17 – 21 21 – 0, x 100 -. FASD-Drunken Baby Syndrome, I hope they do something to help the children of drinkers. I have FAS, I want to avoid the effects of alcohol, I dont want to get the baby-mold of an alcoholic. Drinking during pregnancy causes a serious brain disorder and babies born with it will usually die by their fifth month. Reason: more info If you read the headlines, you would think there has never been a worse time to live in Britain. 50bn hit to the economy, the biggest peacetime spending cuts in living memory and job losses in our public services. All this followed the election of a Labour government that promised to stay in the single market and has had to walk away from its promises under intense pressure from the hard-right Conservative government in power at the time. If you want a more dramatic example of what is happening, just look at the recent figures. Gross domestic product in Scotland is lower than it was when it signed its own independence referendum deal with the rest of the UK. The question you could ask yourself is why are so many in Scotland voting to leave the UK when such a decision is so hard to justify on economic grounds. A lot of Scots feel that the government is failing them. The Scottish Parliament has been starved of public spending and its powers are seriously limited. In a country as rich as ours, with the worlds strongest economy and a long history of exporting high-quality, high-value manufacturing to the rest of the world, why cant we sell more to the rest of the UK. This is a big question and to answer it properly we need to look at past relations between Scotland and the rest of the UK. Scotland and England have been trading with each other for 5,000 years. At times it was good, at times it was bad and at times it was an unhappy balance. But it is an important historical fact that until about the end of the 17th century there was little trade between Scotland and England. The reason may have been down to Scotland being a fishing community, which relied on the good fortune of the ocean to bring in its catch.

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