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FAME ActorI would guess that everyone has heard of Tom Hanks. He starred in several movies and won awards. If youre an actor, then chances are youve heard about him. Movie ActorYou may not have heard of Tom Hanks. If youre a movie actor, then chances are youve probably seen him. If youre a movie fan, then chances are, youve seen him. Tom Hanks is probably one of the most famous people in the world right now. TV Actor, In the 90s, TV stands for television. Movies and TV arent the only forms of entertainment. If youre a TV actor, then your fame has grown even more. TV actors have to do lots of commercials and other TV shows to earn a living. These types of actors are known as reality stars. Reality stars may have to deal with more pressure than other types of actors, but they still receive a lot of attention and theyre very influential in the field of TV. Musician SongwriterMusicians and songwriters are often the stars of their own movies and television shows. These types of actors are known for writing original and original songs. ModelModeling is a job that everyone loves to see people do. The models and actresses in movies and television shows are known as glamour models and usually receive a significant amount of money for their modeling gigs on TV and movies. Movie ActressMovie actors and glamour models are also known as movie stars. Movie stars work a lot of jobs in order to make money. Sometimes they star in movies or TV shows. These Hollywood celebrities may or may not have received much exposure on TV. Some people make music, some people sing, and some people practice their instruments. There are also people who play music for a living. These types of musicians generally receive a lot of exposure on TV and in movies. Hollywood Fictional CharactersThe following fictional characters may or may not represent a real person or people but they do represent a specific type of fame.

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celebrities with felonies