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A beautiful woman with a long locs and one of the most beautiful locs of all. You say Hey, thats my girl. Hey, thats my girl, you say. You step out of sight behind your car, and then start to walk back to the house. And her face contorts into a scowl of disapproval. She walks with you to the foot of the trailer, a look of slight anger on her face. You pause after a moment of a similar expression. I dont think I will, but Im going to take this chance that youre really thinking about me, you say. I guess I wont put off my thoughts on what youre about to reveal. You close your eyes and breathe in and out, trying to calm yourself. When youve calmed down, you open your eyes and say, I love you, Suzy. You dont believe that the voice is coming from your lips. You think for a moment of a few things, and after youve decided on your next move, you say, I love you too, Linda. Now, Im going to go walk around. You take a deep breath and begin to walk back toward the house with Linda in tow.

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