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No surprises, we are doubtful it will be a disaster but. The New York Times is one of the most highly trafficked news outlets in the world. To understand the Times, one must first understand how it is created. The Times is a product of the first great wave of American mass mediathe commercial American press. The combination of these two forcesto begin again, with the newspaperproduced an unprecedented number of papers in a short period. The publics access to information and ideas that might have been inaccessible previously made the newspapers valuable commodities, and, as they spread, they became objects of public fascination and civic pride. The first newspaper was an old-fashioned type of publicationa pamphlet, printed by hand or with a printing press of some sort. The first newspaper was, in many respects, a low-tech substitute for the printed word. Early American newspapers could not be copied and circulated widely, since the printing press was not invented until 1837. By the late nineteenth century, most American newspapers were still pamphlets, so that the only way they could be taken out of print was if they were destroyed. In the nineteenth century, the first newspapers were widely distributed in libraries and public schoolrooms, the only places where such materials could be found. In this era, the vast majority of newspapers came under the control of large commercial interests, whether in the business of printing or publishing newspapers, or in the political realm. Most papers were owned for profit, and publishers routinely sought the highest possible market share. The commercial press also was deeply concerned about censorship and control. Not only could they not print what they did not want to print, they could not even print what they had decided would be offensive. As early as 1839, the Philadelphia Daily Telegraph warned its subscribers that a little liberty is not worth the price of liberty, and in the early twentieth century, the New York Times famously told its readers: Dont believe everything you read in printwhether its printed in England or here in the city of New York. These and many other examples abound in newspaper history. In those early decades of American mass media, there was little public interest in books. Books were a luxury that had little to do with a free society, and the vast majority of Americans had never read.

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