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Re actually a little surprised by the number of celebrities. Ve heard of in passing but never actually met. You look at the first photo on the list, a closeup of a picture of a blonde, pretty woman, you recognize her from past jobs, and think back to the photo of the old woman on the television in the garage. You guess you are the only one with a flat ass. Ve always assumed you were blessed with cleft-chin. You just have flatassThe photo makes you feel weird. T flat-chested, which does not bode well for you. You head over to the refrigerator to take another look at the list. S knee, a couple of old men, and finally a close up of a family photo. They look like relatives, so they must be the ones who took care of you since you were a baby. The old men are looking a bit confused and even a little worried about what happened to them.

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celebrities with cleft chin