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You black and blueHair color is a very personal thing to you. When you go to an interview, you have a certain expectation of your appearance, and you try your hardest to please that expectation. You dont like it if people expect less or insult you for your hair. Its a little hard to do at times, but you are determined to be on top of it. Youre really not used to that sort of attitude from others, For some reason, black and blue hairstyles have never come up in your life. You havent been given the option to wear your hair in a certain way and youve had no other choice than to stick to your natural color. This was a little odd to you at first, but its actually made you more popular and youve found that people are more accepting of your hair color now that youre not constantly having to wear wigs and stuff. This was the first time you were wearing something that was more than just your natural color and this new hairstyle was going to be your first step as you began to be recognized as the blonde girl whos not really blonde. It was really hard to wear it in like a hat or something because your natural hair doesnt really match that and the blue hair makes it stand out even more. You still have a lot of hair to comb in, and you still have to worry about looking silly when you go out to do something. The more you wore it, the more people noticed it. They didnt just stare at you when they were talking to you, they were also giving you weird looks when they were with you. It would have been better to change it up though, so you got out your other hair and combed it in a ponytail. The only thing being weird that people were noticing was the color of your ponytail. However, after you got out your natural hair, it seemed to blend in with everyone elses, so it was still better than it was when you were wearing your natural hair. You still werent able to blend in completely because people werent used to seeing someone who had black hair and blue eyes. You tried to wear black clothing when possible, but when you went out, you still had to wear a hat and sunglasses. You still had a hard time going out alone and ended up constantly feeling nervous. Once, you even got a little drunk to deal with the nervousness, but you ended up getting in a fight with your boyfriend at the bar.

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