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In the last four decades, the number of stars that have been photographed with their teeth in a certain position has increased dramatically. In the early years, the most famous stars with their teeth positioned in this manner were Bing Crosby with his in-between-teeth pose for Charlie Chaplins The Great Dictator, Charlie Chaplin with his with his in-between-teeth pose for Modern Times, and Marilyn Monroe with her with her in-between-teeth pose for All the Kings Men. Since then, the pose has gained popularity with actors such as Jack Nicholson with his with his in-between-teeth pose for The Shining and Tom Hanks with his with his in-between-teeth pose for Saving Private Ryan. There are dozens of celebrities who have their teeth in this position these days, and I am fairly confident that the star with the most star status with a tooth between his cheeks is Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio is best known for his role as the lead character in the blockbuster and award-winning film Titanic, which won eleven Academy Awards including Best Picture. In the film, DiCaprio portrayed white collar worker Jack Dawson who was stranded at sea on a winters day with a handful of his fellow workers, the youngest of whom was his daughter Kate, and who were struggling to survive in the freezing seas. Jacks survival of the perilous journey made him a national hero and inspired a massive outpouring of sympathy worldwide. On the surface, Jacks survival looks incredible impressive on screen, but we all know a man can survive anything if he sets his mind to it. As soon as I saw the film, my eyes were drawn to the front right side of this stars mouth. I couldnt help but notice that his teeth were almost completely in a perfect alignment with each other. I knew that this star was in trouble and that he could use some dental treatment. I took the opportunity to take a look at him before he left the room and I quickly determined that the shape of his bottom lip was not in the best shape. He has had a lot of dental work done on him and in the years after he won an Oscar for his work in Titanic. Unfortunately, the Hollywood dentist who was to help him took a different line of work and now resides in a different country. This star decided to make himself available for treatment at a local dentist in.

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