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You ignore the voice in your earYou just shrug off the statement. You dont like feeling stupid, so you dont speak back. The voice in your ear suddenly becomes more active. Well now, thats a bit of a surprise, but I like the idea. Even I have to admit, Ive been a little intimidated by some of the things youve done, but I know youve got the potential to be something really special. Youve got the kind of brains that are hard to come by in this business. You could become a major figure in the entertainment world. There are only a few like you out there. What I dont understand is where do you see me fitting in. Do you see me fitting as a minor star or even as a major star. Id imagine you could do either, if you really pushed yourself. I imagine youd be a big star, but as an undercard act. Yeah, I imagine youd be a supporting player or an extra. I didnt say youd be the main attraction, although youd be a nice start. I was just saying that its possible for you to have a much bigger career if you really pushed yourself. Are you saying I should be trying to get a big deal like that. I dont know exactly what youre planning, but you dont need to just aim to entertain. No, but I could do something thats kind of big. Like a YA novel, like Gone Girl or something like that. I mean thats my next big goal too, to become a YA author. Thats great, but you still have some way to go before youll have a regular gig like this. Youre so busy, I barely have time for anything else, so why dont I just take care of the two things I have to take care of and youll take care of your big dreams. Youve lived with this voice all your life and youve never given me an answer. Well, thats quite the lack of faith I see in you. Im telling you now, this isnt real.

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