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Im telling you this because youwere supposed to be here. You were supposed to be the one giving me the bad news. I had a fucking date with you, not some celebrity whos only a jerk. Are you even reading that damn damn thing. I think you should stay away from me, because even though youre a celebrity, youre not worth the trouble. If you do decide to hang out with me on this date, youll be doing me a favor. Oh wait, you DID hang out with me on the date, and you KNOW thats a fact right. Its too bad about how I left, because then you couldve had me back. Its a shame you didnt have the balls to ask me out first. But hey, lets just say Ill see you later, because thats the only way to stay in contact with you. I mean I could, but I wouldnt care, because I dont give a shit about any of those people. If theyre making shitty movies about celebrities, its not REALLY about me. You, however, will be getting whats about to happen to you. The next time a celebrity is in your city, do NOT go see them unless you are accompanied by me. I dont care if they like you or not. Do not allow me to show you my hand to help you buy the beer. Do NOT allow me to give you one of those nice little touches when I say nice try. Do NOT let me give you a compliment if it isnt for a free meal. Because if I do, its not going to be free, and if it is, it WILL be a meal with a price. So just DONT go see them. Now, Ive got to go because I have to do something about this guy. RAW Paste DataHollywood: The Musical, Written by the Great Nothing, Oh Hollywood.

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