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T want to see any of those people you only just met. Or did you really only meet them once. Re probably all judging you already. T going to stay fat, so you might as well lose weight now. Re no longer surrounded by the ugly obese. The first thing you do is take out your phone and take a photo of yourself in your underwear. T go home until you lose weight. T exactly a health nut, so you start out with going jogging, but after that you feel you need to start eating healthier. First thing you do is grab some fruits and vegetables from the store and start eating it everyday. You end up saving a lot of money in the process. You turn your phone on to see who it is and get quite surprised. S that one of those girls from the gym yesterday. I think we should see each other naked. You both head to your bedroom where you both strip down. Re still getting used to all this yourself.

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celebrities with big asses