Celebrities with autoimmune diseases

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The next day, you sit inside of your truck, feeling a little better, and a little sad. Youve never even seen the inside of a hospital. Youre always seen as some weirdo with some weird disease that causes you to get sick all the fucking time and your life is a living hell. You know that you might die tomorrow. At least you dont have to face certain death every day anymore. Maybe, you get some sort of acceptance for how you really feel about people based on their social status. You feel that maybe you deserve these benefits. You sit in silence, staring at your truck windows. You are better nowYou drive over to a diner that youve never seen before. You sit outside of the window of the diner, staring up at the bright neon lights outside. Its almost like youve been living a different life. It feels like youve never been in a greater world. Suddenly, a car speeds past your truck. You pull your eyes away from the neon-lit windows to stare at the vehicle. The first time you saw it, you just wanted to cry. A minute later, theyre both crying, covering their faces with their hands. The people next to you start to notice Marys shiny silver vehicle. They call out an acknowledgement with their eyes before running inside of their own houses. The car speeds up to a halt by the diners front door. Ive been wanting to see the car youve got for a long time, she says, flashing her silver eyes at the car.

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celebrities with autoimmune diseases