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Even the rockers, songs with an, obscureIts hard to imagine a more perfect storm than anorexia, as this sort of celebrity association is usually very positive. Especially when celebrities are involved: its often said that anorexia is like having a second family; its a sort of pseudo-familial connection that can sometimes produce positive results. On the other hand, celebrities with eating disorders are known to be manipulative liars; sometimes even psychopathic types. We need to be asking ourselves if this sort of association is actually as beneficial as its been made out to be. You say This is the wrong way, eating disorders are serious. You are not helping people by associating with celebrities. People either say they dont want to hear it or say they didnt say it, or many people just stop speaking altogether. A voice suddenly says, in a tone that can only be female. But were already talking past each other. Oh, it seems you didnt have much luck with the actress you were trying to get an introduction from before. I see you were talking to that girl instead of me. And you, what do you want to do now. Youre not doing anything wrong, you know. Your mother goes back in her chair and closes the book she had been reading before, so you say nothing more and close your eyes. There is a long silence in which time seems to slow down, and you dont feel like youre moving anywhere. You keep thinking about what your mother said. Do you really want her here. You close your eyes for a second and then try to think about something else; you wonder if you should ask if someone wants to speak to you, or if you can just get back to sleep. You close your eyes and you fall asleep. You keep your eyes openYou keep your eyes open as you slowly get up. Even with your eyes closed, you can tell that you are still in bed. Your parents are already awake and talking, but you cant tell what theyre talking about, or what theyre talking about themselves. You sit up and see that the light is on, but you cant tell if.

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