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But they all have some sort of makeup. You reply, before shutting the door and locking it. You spend the next several hours in relative quiet. S been a few hours since you got home from work. You do think about your next move though. Re smart enough to make it before someone calls the police on you. T the location of your last address which is a few blocks away and there is a bus that goes to your new address. Re going to explain this whole situation you just found out about. The bus gets closer and you hear what sounds like more arguing. You also hear some shouting and then the bus pulls up to your street. You look out the window and see a cop car pulling up behind it. You look to your left in the direction of your door and see a girl in a tank top and sweat pants arguing with someone else. You see a man with slicked back hair standing behind them. Stop being a pussy and either talk to us or fucking open the door. You hear the girl shout at the top of her lungs. T you fucking care about your body. Re in their late twenties and you know who they are. T look like he has anything better to do.

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celebrities with and without makeup