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You should think about doing so, I think. You think about the thought for a while, and eventually you say: You should adopt, you think. You dont know why youre hesitating. After all, you and your sister are both adults with families of your own. Its so obvious its almost as if something inside of you has told you this for years, but until today, you just hadnt bothered to do it. You will go to where all the little orphans and strays are, and you will take one of them into your home and give life to them. You will give the little ones love, food and shelter, and love them so much they never want to leave. And who knows, maybe one of them will grow up to be a role model for you, a man to live up to. You need some timeYou decide to wait several months before you act on your decision. You decide to let the whole world and particularly Kristin Davis do all the talking. After all, its not every day youre going to be talking with the woman who gave you life. You wait until your aunt Lindas birthday, Saturday the 31st of August 2012, comes around and you think you should have some time to think about your decision before you do. This is the perfect opportunity to be alone with your thoughts and talk to someone without anyone else in the house. Your aunt Linda lives in a large, four-story Victorian house on the outskirts of the village you grew up in. You drive a few miles and park on her driveway and get out of your car. You walk around to the side entrance and go into the house. You walk up to her and knock briefly. Linda is a slender woman with short, curly brown hair and a large, round face. She smiles when she recognizes you, and after taking a deep breath, she invites you in. You enter the house, which is furnished in an old-fashioned way. Large wooden furniture sits around the room and theres a coffee table covered with old newspapers and magazines. On one wall are pictures of Linda and her husband sitting around a table, talking at once excitedly and in a friendly manner, with two small children in their arms. You spend about half an hour talking with Linda while she cooks you a big dinner. Though you didnt expect to encounter a woman who was so relaxed about family, she did not come across as cold or unfriendly. Eventually, after finishing your dinner and looking forward to the evening, you realize you still havent said.

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