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I have tried to stay positive and keep up with my routine daily activities but its impossible with the amount of time I have to spend on the computer every day due to my condition. The constant screen time and constant anxiety I experience at work has made it hard for me to perform at my current job. I have become so anxious and unable to function in any professional environment that I have become unemployed since my last job didnt work out. My biggest fear is that I wont even qualify for disability because of my condition. I dont even have the money to pay for a private therapist. Sincerely,Anxious Internet UserI understand that you have feelings of anxiety and depression about your condition, and I am very sorry that it is affecting your job. The first thing you can do is to talk to your coworkers about it, and make sure you take the time to explain your situation. Dont be afraid to be direct and let them know that they should be aware of your condition before bringing it up at work. Once youve done that, its time to make an appointment with a therapist. You may feel a little scared at first, but you can take the first step. See our Getting A Doctor page to learn about that option, or you could visit one of the many websites listed on our Treatment Resources page. If youre still worried about getting a doctors appointment, read more about getting a doctors appointment. You should be able to get an appointment with a doctor in a week or two; thats assuming that you manage to find a therapist. If you still are not sure of what to do next, check out some of our articles on coping and getting help for anxiety:Getting Help for AnxietyCoping with AnxietyWhat Do You Do When Someone Is Bullying You on the Internet. What Do You Do When Someone Makes an Unwanted or Hateful Comment. When Someone Is Making An Insensitive Comment, What Should You Do. What Should You Do When Someone Says that You Should Be a Transexual, a Homophobe, or a Racist. Do YOU have problems with people making hurtful comments online. What Should You Do When Someone Says or Does Something to You Due to Your Disability. What Should You Do When Someone Says or Does Something to You Due to Your SexualityHow Do You Deal with Bullies When You Have a Speech or Communication Disability. What Do You Do With Someone Who Just Doesnt Like You. The last update I did on the site was a month or so ago, and since then the site has only gotten worse, as.

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