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Heres your obligatory disclaimer:I do not work for or represent any of the above mentioned celebrities, brands, or even the brands themselves. Im just a regular girl who really likes celebrities, brands, and acne. While this post was meant to help out friends who have similar struggles, it could easily be misconstrued as a fashion product recommendation. The opinions expressed below are mine, and Im sharing them because I care about beauty and fashion and the human form in general. Acne is fucking hard and its also fucking annoying. So the next time you feel the pangs of acne-related self-doubt, simply remind yourself that youre not fat and youre not ugly and youre not ugly and youre definitely not that girl you once were who wore baggy clothing and was so into makeup that she only took showers before her dates. Just remind yourself that you are not the people, the product, or the life you once were and go on with your life. Because thats the best thing you can do. The original source for this post can be found here. The American public has finally caught on that the War on Drugs is a failure and is actually making the country less safe. There is little doubt that drug use has gone up in many areas, however the war on drugs has actually done more harm than good. In fact, its gotten so bad that the Mexican government is actually considering an end to drug prohibition, and have already begun talking about legalizing all drugs. From KNSD TV:Mexicos drug czar is calling for legalization. Former Attorney General Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, who is also coordinator of the Mexican governments National Anti-Drug Secretariat, made the remark in an interview with CNN en Espanols El Diario, English translation via Drug War ChronicleTo me, this is not an option. The drug czar went on to say that legalizing drugs would solve many problems in the drug war, such as making the drugs less attractive to young people, which makes it hard for Mexican authorities to fight against drug gangs since theyre not getting funding from parents and teachers. A Nieto should stop fighting against drug cartels and instead address the problem internally by increasing the police presence in some of.

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