Celebrities who will leave if trump

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And sang it over and over and over again in his song American Idiot. S fairly apparent that the University will become much more unsafe, due to both the increased political unrest and the ever-present police presence. You begin to wonder if it would be better if you did continue on. Your parents are a little reluctant about leaving for good, but your sister and brother-in-law insist that you should remain. You head to your room and lie down on your bed. A few hours later, you wake up. You have no idea where this time period is going. You begin to think about your parents and their lives, and how they live in fear after the events that occurred two days ago. Their car remains in front of the police station, while your parents have taken refuge at the Holiday Inn. Then you begin to think about your sister and brother-in-law and what they might do now. Your sister has indicated that she intends to stay, but your brother-in-law has not made a statement. You have so many questions: Where are all your other relatives. Is there an underground shelter and how did you get in. A few minutes of reflection over your answers brings reality into focus. You are currently in the early morning hours of Monday, Ap. Re up a little later than usual. S a knock on your closed bedroom door. You go over to the door, and see your sister standing there. You sit down on your bed as she sits next to you. You have no idea why she chose to sit next to you, but there you are, anyway. After you have sat down, she tells you what the statement is.

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celebrities who will leave if trump