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A list of other celebrities who have become sexually assault survivors in recent years include: Jennifer Aniston, who became the first Hollywood actress to publicly admit she was sexually assaulted; Angelina Jolie, a child actress who went public with her story of being raped as a child; Kate Upton, who talked about being sexually assaulted by her ex-boyfriend; the actress Kristin Kreuk, who spoke about being raped by her co-star; and the late David Schwimmer. I went to a party at the Playboy mansion in the early 1990s. The hostess had set up a table for a celebrity-studded, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun cocktail party, and there was a woman sitting at it I didnt recognize, and I was a bit drunk and the drinks were a little strong, Schwimmer told The New York Times, speaking about his experience of sex assault. I leaned down and said, Can I tell you something. I cant believe I ran into you at a party like this. I remember her face falling and she turned pale as death, and she told me shed never spoken to me again. Also Read: American Horror Story Star Kathy Bates Opens Up About Sexual Assault, Burden Of Vile IndustryAngelina Jolie, a child star in the 1990 film Girl, Interrupted, spoke about her rape at age 8 in the 2002 documentary The Hunting Ground. At eight I was raped by a man who I thought was my friend, she said, in reference to the man who attacked her. He held me down and had sex with me while I spoke no words, felt no pain and realized that this was not what I wanted. He left me gasping for air and made sure that I was never the same. In May, actress Meryl Streep announced that she would sue a former agent at the Miramax studio, after the agent allegedly propositioned her for sex while she was filming the 1989 film The Iron Lady. The Weinstein Company issued a statement to TheWrap Saturday night, saying that it was disappointed by the allegations and that the company was working with law enforcement to address the allegations. Weinstein has been expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and will not be attending the Academy Awards ceremony in January.

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