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You are going to investigate every one of themYou feel that you should investigate every cause of death of the celebrities that youve come across. You were going to investigate a few of them again but you feel that your work is done and you should not bother to do it again for now. You decide that you will do another investigation of Sharon Tate, you think your work about her might be completed, youve just finished in your work, your thoughts were in your own mind when you started working, now you start to look at the facts. You think that, Sharon Tate was at a party when she was killed. You think that she wasnt really one of the people that were raped and murdered at that party. You think that a few of the people were also killed during their sleep. You think that Michael Jackson was the one that was killed. Of course, you think that its just a matter of time that hes going to appear. What you dont know is whether he had to get rid of another person before Jackson or another person before Jackson. You are thinking about the fact that Jackos body was buried in a shallow grave, you think that there was a coffin and a grave, that could have been dug at that time at that location. You start to think that that someone like Michael Jackson probably buried and then put, up for his own disposal. You think about Sharon Tate and whether she was also killed in the night; but from your own experiences, you already know that she was killed in the daytime. You investigate Sharon TateYou decide to investigate Sharon Tate even though this matter is already a little complicated for you. You are thinking about that she had been involved in the filming of the film Daughter of The Terror and her boyfriend at that time was Peter Lawford. You also think that she used to see her boyfriend Peter Lawford on TV. You investigate Peter LawfordYou think about your own relationship with Sharon Tate and wonder if it is connected or not to you. You look at all your past relationships and the ones that youve had with other people. You already know that you had given a gun to one of the men who were killed with her. You think that Sharon Tate could have killed someone, when she killed herself. You continue with your investigation of Sharon TateYou look at who Sharon Tate had been involved in the recent murder with and youre not sure that you will want to believe that it was Peter Lawford. But youre not going to think that it is going to have been just a coincidence that their last contact was on a late afternoon. You dont believe itYou decide that Sharon Tate was probably.

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celebrities who were murdered