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Comedian and actor Jon Coburn served in the Marine Corps Reserves. He could be heard in music and as a celebrity and he never missed an episode of MadTV. Musician and director Brian Finchem served in the Marine Corps Reserves. Actor and serial comic book creator Grant Cameron served in the Marine Corps Reserves. Semper Fi Marines Who Went Film and more. As, Im pretty sure youre going to go down by a landslide. Well, it is when the President does it, and it wont be anything like as interesting when the Republican Senate does. You go with themYou know why it is so important to be in their good graces. And you cant do that with somebody who supports the enemy. Not that there isnt the little minority of people on both sides who still believe in what they believe in. You grab your bags and say as little as possible to your family, and get ready to move out of the house. The first few days you do okay in your new city, but eventually you start to get tired of it. Somehow you figure youll just have to stay and sleep on the streets to get it out of your system for awhile, but then in the middle of the night a homeless man approaches you. I would like to share a drink, with you, if thats okay.

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