Celebrities who went broke and got real jobs

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Re a movie star who wants to make good money and live better, you need. The idea that most people in a position of leadership and responsibility are not self-sufficient or even capable of such action is not unique to the movie industry. Most politicians have heard this sentiment from a large segment of the populace. As the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, reminded the American people a few months ago, he and most of his Cabinet are still struggling to pay the mortgage on their homes. Many politicians who leave government are not looking for the high-paying corporate jobs that are available. Most people would look to the job market in the private sector to put them in a position of financial stability. For the most part, the world does not always work out the way people think it should, but that does not make the task any easier. In a society where people feel anxious about the direction the country is heading in, it would be easy to see celebrities as a viable escape. Celebrity is supposed to be an escape from the real world, but often that escape is short-lived. People with disposable income are rarely willing to spend it on a lifestyle that is not a step up from most of the jobs available. They can only buy so much. A celebrity lifestyle is not always bad in and of itself. As the above examples have shown, some celebrities are able to use the fame they have to support themselves. There are many other celebrities who fall short of a comfortable and secure life for themselves. While Hollywood is often considered to be one of the most affluent parts of the United States, the fact remains that most celebrities find most of their income coming from movies and television. There are several high-profile instances where celebrity has not been able to support itself. For example, Jennifer Aniston found much of her money was spent on a failed marriage to actor Matt Dillon to the point in which her home was foreclosed on. Michael Jackson had to sell the majority of his stock in a music video company to take care of himself and his daughter Paris. And of course there is Britney Spears, who recently found herself in bankruptcy. A large percentage of the unemployed and underemployed are Hollywood actors and musicians. A 2012 study conducted by the Department of Labor indicated that the total unemployment was 9. 5 and the underemployment in the film, TV and music industries was at a staggering 25. While celebrities may look to Hollywood for career advice, it is worth remembering that it is a very expensive place to live. This can be tough for people with limited financial resources to live on, which is why this demographic is sometimes referred to as losers. The only way to become a successful actor and musician in.

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celebrities who went broke and got real jobs