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The guy looks at the poster and then says to you: You say Yeah, but what about all the things you said about Trump. I can only speak for myself and if something doesnt feel right to me, then Im going to ignore it; Im not a fucking robot. At this point you have no choice but to agree to go on the trip; otherwise youre done with the project. You sit at the computer for a while pondering what the guy just said and what it means. You continueA couple hours pass and you finally come to the conclusion, all the things you said about Trump. The one thing he failed to mention:He never once held a job in any sector of the economy. The guy goes on to say The people who are supporting Trump are either idiots or hypocrites. They think that by backing him, its going to make the whole world a better place, though its the exact opposite; its just more chaos. Besides, that was years ago and the guy has absolutely nothing to do with anything anymore. He pauses and looks directly at you You should go, but I think I have to say one more thing to you. The guy says:Im asking you to support my candidate. You look at him as if to tell him to shut the fuck up. The guy continues:I know you probably have your own personal reasons, my name isnt Joe Public anyway. You can keep putting that fucking name on me. The guy shrugs the remark off and continues to speak: As I said, Im asking you to support my candidate. You are speechless, you didnt intend to vote for him and now youre actually going to. I understand that there might be some conflicts of interests with my campaign. As I said, there is no reason why we shouldnt, there are no conflicts of interest either. He says; the guy is very convincing and you have no doubt in your mind that hell win your vote. The guy asks But what about my other candidates that are also running. You vote for Jill SteinYou dont want to go against anything your heart is telling you. You are going to vote for your honest to God love of Jill Stein instead.

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celebrities who support trump