Celebrities who sold their souls

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As you continue reading you notice the next line,After the Devil had won the souls of the celebrities, he left the earth in the hands of the Lord. The stars remained, but Satans power had also been lost forever. In another ten years, the Devils kingdom had been destroyed. In the twenty-fifth year of the new calendar year, the devil kings castle was conquered by a group of pious men in the land of the Lord. After ten years of warfare, the enemy suffered great suffering and lost most of his followers. The castle was never rebuilt and remains a holy place to this day. And now, your life can start on a better note:Hey, I just died and entered Hell. Is there anything you can do for me. Its my bad, but theres not much that we could do. The worst thing is you cant help yourself. So what can I do so that I can make it out of here. You get an even sadder grimace: Its not like I can help. You have many families now and I cant help you. Why didnt you help me before. Look, here, you say, grabbing the old dusty book that has been on the shelves for years in your room. I dont know what this is, but I think you might like to read it. I dont know why, but I think you would like to. Ive read it a few times, and I think maybe you would enjoy it. She smiles at you and leaves, and you close the book and put it back on the shelf. You dont really have a plan if you did. You are so tired, and you cant really move anymore. The only things you can do are read the book, get up and go back to sleep, or you can try to kill the witch. As you are lying in your bed reading the book, you suddenly realize, you are in here alone, alone and.

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celebrities who sold their souls