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A few of these celebs are the stars of television shows. They are a living example that marijuana and television works. The more people that say they like it, the more a show can have a positive influence on society. The more people that say they dont like it, the more its a negative influence on society. A, You, B, You say How do you get the plant. Its a long story, but Ill tell you the basics. Weve been able to acquire a huge supply of cannabis and marijuana from a supplier in a remote part of the country. Weve been growing the stuff for years, but for decades now weve had issues with the amount of water the plants need every year. And in the last few years weve had to get stricter about that. Now, the only way we can do it is by bringing in new plants all the time for it to grow. Well, Ive been running it in a bit of a blind market mode ever since things went to shit with the economy. But weve been having a little trouble recently, and we need your help. Dave, you need to get in touch with whoever is in charge of getting the plants in this area, because were getting close. We need them to agree to a certain price, so you need to call them up and tell them we need them to bring a certain number of plants every week for a month. Im not just going to sign the contract and call it done. I think the people who are in the know are going to want a lot more than that. Dave, you need to get in contact with the owners of the farm. You wait until morning to talk to Dave again. That, and say you manage to get the water right for them. You get a flat fee per plant.

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