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The only thing that compares to that is when you last saw your mother a few weeks back. Then, you see a new message from her. You suppose you could just wait it out, but that still leaves you with thousands of photos. You continueYou continue to play and spend all your time online, while waiting for Willow to get back. Not even when one of your friends sends you an unwanted message, or when you see her on TV, on TV talk shows. By the end of the week you have given up on her, and are just looking online for other girls to talk to. Then, one day you see a new message from your girlfriend on Messenger. S gone and been replaced by a picture of her sister. D never think to delete the old one. T need to waste any more time by talking to this girl. You just want her out of your room. S room and see that there is still no sign of her, but then you hear the door open up behind you.

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