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Ve ever done in my entire life. Ve never been more attracted to anyone than I am right now. And sometimes men are naked in those gay bars. You have so many mixed feelings about all this. All your years of repression are finally going to be free. When you were younger, you used to have the same sort of thoughts about women. D do all of those things with other people that were a part of your life. Then you got married and you wondered about having children and then you wondered about if you had children and about having to care about them or about them in any way. You thought about all of these things as if they were permanent and it was all you ever did. Now, you have no idea what the hell is wrong with you. You start telling your story to the waitress who is sitting at a table across from you. She seems to enjoy your telling and asks you to tell it again. Ve been fantasizing about boys for as long as I can remember. M sure you got that impression of me that I used to sit on the front row and watch the baseball games. T think about any of the guys on the field when I was at the games. I just thought about the girl on the bench with the nice legs I always wanted to see. I really got into it one night when I was just a little bit drunk, when I had a few different boys to take home to mommy. You say and the waitress gets up and walks away.

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celebrities who never married