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T, because what its really about is the physical act, and not the fact that yall are all naked. Other A-listers also like to talk about it, but not in front of other people. A-lister- Shailene Woodley said, The first time I did it, I was 19. The first time I do it now is like having a baby. A-lister: Shailene WoodleySexuality: Straight Id like to point out that the following A-listers are also real people in real life. A-lister- Gwyneth Paltrow, who happens to appear in our game and has a guy who just left a bottle of baby formula under her bathtub, said, I dont do it every day; but there are times when I do it. Theres just something so relaxing about just being in the bathtub. A-lister- Miley Cyrus, who happens to appear in our game and has a boyfriend who just put a bullet in his moms head, said, It sounds silly, but I like the way when I do it, the way that the mind and body and what not is working in tandem. A-lister- Gwen Stefani, who happens to appear in our game and has a guy who just killed his dad, said, Well maybe you didnt take it as seriously as I did. I guess part of the reason I like it is because it lets me go back to not thinking about work and stuff. I get to go home and watch my favorite shows. A-lister- Demi Lovato, who happens to appear in our game and has a guy who just put a bullet in her brother Johns head, said, I was sexually abused from ages 5 to 15. It was hard for me to talk about, so I always thought about sex in a different way. So when I did it, I thought it was just to be an escape from having to talk about the abuse and it became fun and enjoyable. It was kind of like a drug that was being given to me, and I was kind of numb to it. Id put myself in a very serious and vulnerable place and then Id have this very fun experience, and I thought it was a good escape or something that was therapeutic. A-lister- Mila Kunis, who appears in our game and just got married, said, Its a very safe thing.

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