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Luciana Barrosos, who once held the record for most movies released on a domestic film basis, were one of the most celebrated celebrity couples of 2008. Damon was in the business of being the leading man since his breakout role as a kid, and has been able to find work in nearly all cinematic genres, from thrillers to comedies to melodramas to documentaries to period pieces to musicals to the Oscar-winning drama The Departed. With a recent movie comeback with The Bourne Legacy, Damon has been able to combine his love of movies with his other passions of acting and politics. With his success in the industry coming from a variety of different places, including movies, television, and theater, he has been able to forge many long lasting relationships by his side, including with his two best friends and co-stars in nearly every movie: Rosario Dawson, who he married in 2007, and Kate Winslet, who was married to Ryan Gosling until he called off their marriage after she gave birth to their daughter, Riley, in 2009. With the release of their first child, twins, twins twins, twins, in 2012, its clear that Damon has found a way to maintain a strong bond with his children. Although its true Luciana has never quite had the breakout success of another famous movie couple, like her famous cousin, the most recent Oscar-winning actress, Kate Winslet, or the best-selling authors, Michael Chabon and Bret Easton Ellis, she has had a successful career without the help of a husband and husband with their talents. Its amazing that she was even able to turn down his proposal, let alone accepting his proposal. When she first met Matt, she said shed like to just have an ordinary life and a year and a half later, they have found that with each other. Just think, if Luciana had married some other man, she would probably still be single and living in some apartment in New York City. Instead, shes been able to marry a man who is a major film director, a man who has the same type of talent as she does. She has the same interests and has the same career aspirations and now, just like her friend Dawson, she and her husband share a happy baby family. Theyve both been open about their relationship, sharing their love of movies and each other. Heres what Matt Damon said in his own words:In this case, Matt Damon and Luciana Barrosos, who have been together for over two years and who have a baby on the way, will be celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary with a special.

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