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As for Jerry Seinfeld, he only had relationship with her years before he died in 2001. And on the other hand of celebrity love, the world as known for by all.

He-s not a fan of Jerry Seinfeld, of course.

Julia Roberts was the best actress of her generation; you cant beat that. Your father has long since retired to his private study. You wonder if he knows that youre in there with him. You continueWell, Im still a virgin, you say, looking at the floor. Its a strange thing to say, but you were never truly comfortable in a relationship. You suppose it was only in your late teens that you became comfortable with something like this. While you wait for the elevator, you check your phone, reading:Vagina is no longer a sign of disease, it reads. You think about having sex with that person on the elevator, but in the end you think that wouldnt be a very good idea, so you hold off. After waiting awhile, the elevator doors open, and you see a man in a suit step out. Im Doctor Dan Flemming, and I have some bad news. He leans in towards you, as though he wants to whisper in your ear. Theres no cure, you say quietly. Ive had several dozen patients with no detectable signs of the virus. A couple of them became virgins after they recovered. Its also interesting that youre still a virgin, Doctor Flemming says. Hes a slightly gruff person, but you still feel intimidated by him. You start to say something, then pause. Im not even sure if he ever wanted to, but youve just given me more questions to ask you. I cant go through with what you said, because Ill lose him. If you knew anything about me, youd know that it hurts to lose a relationship you care about.

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