Celebrities who love baseballs Opening Day more than you do…

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You open your eyes as the lights come on and notice the movie has ended. T know sitting in the front rows with you. You look around and see a few familiar faces, but the biggest surprise is how many people there are in the room. You and most of the others are the only ones wearing team jerseys. My life has been more about baseball than actually having fun. Ha ha, and for the last time, you were not supposed to be in here. This was a surprise party for the winning team of the World Series. We were all here to celebrate like you were. You say rubbing your hand over your face. This remark causes a couple of the people in the front rows to giggle and some of the others in the back row to chuckle. Well maybe you were a nice guy to your family, but you were also a dick to everyone else. Re all so happy to be back together again. T get to spend time with them anymore. You say not looking at any of them. Instead, you look at your hand and your face. This remark causes you to look up at the sky briefly as you try to come up with an excuse. You say getting up to leave and start packing your stuff. Meanwhile, the group that has come to see you and were sitting in the front rows has started laughing more at your expense.

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celebrities at baseball games