Celebrities who lost their virginity late

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Justin TimberlakeHe was 24 years old when he lost his virginity, and was a huge star at the time. Kate WinsletShes been married to Tom Cruise and has two children, so her marriage is clearly over. Miley CyrusNot only is she a pop star, she had a smash hit with her song Wrecking Ball, so theres no way she wouldnt have known how to have sex. RihannaShe was 20 years old when she lost her virginity, or in her case, first time so she knew what kind of sex she wanted to have so well. Jennifer LawrenceShes very famous, shes been the sexiest woman in Hollywood for almost 3 years now and she knows what she wants. Michael JacksonEven though hes only 40 years old, hes definitely the sexiest man in the world. Leonardo DiCaprioDiCaprio is a very tall man, so you can bet that he can go down on a woman just the way he wants to. Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman has been making headlines all over the world with his new movie The Wolverine. Tom CruiseTom Cruise is in Last Vegas so hes definitely not a virgin. You might not believe it, but hes going to be a dad soon. Christian BaleIf youre a Christian Bale fan, then youre definitely aware that he has a beautiful wife. Click below to see the rest of the list:Who are some of the other celebs who suffered from virginity loss. One of the main reasons for that is the upcoming free agent class. In the last week of July, many teams decided not to add to their blue line, which means that there is a surplus of NHL talent at the position. The most obvious one has to be defense, especially at left defense. The only problem with finding a replacement for Oliver Ekman-Larsson is that players like Keith Yandle, David Schlemko, and Oliver Ekman-Larsson have all hit the open market. However, as much as teams want to see the trade deadline, they still have some time to find the players they need.

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celebrities who lost their virginity late