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Name: Dave Matthews Location: Downtown Seattle, WA, country, and the east coast. I also like playing in bands, and I like playing with friends. For the past eleven years, Ive played a guy named Dave Matthews on a late-night television variety show called Dave Matthews, which Im sure youve all seen at some point. Name: Krist Novoselic Location: In-line skating. I play in the band Throat SymphonyName: Dustin Diamond Location: A lot of the time I smoke weed and listen to some music or watch TV. Anything really, I just like to chill out. Name: Rainn Wilson Location: I just hang out and smoke weed. I like to hang out and be outside doing pretty much nothing. Im a writerName: Krist Novoselic Location: I go to the gym, play video games, read books, read books, read books, watch movies, read movies or read books. I like to read, play video games, watch tv and watch movies. I make cartoons for a living, The Simpsons, Futurama, Treehouse Of Horror, Regular Show, Doc McStuffins and Looney Tunes, Name: Michael Palin Location: I play drums in various rock-n-roll bands. Im a big fan of video games, comic books, board games, board games and cards. Im a big comic book geek and Im also a musician and music producer. Name: Dustin Diamond Location: Im an actor, writer and comedian. I play Dave Matthews on a late-night television variety show. Im a fan of watching sports and watching the night-time news. Im not into the whole Im really into.

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celebrities who live in seattle