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I hope you guys like this list of Famous people who live in Austin. If not, well at least you got a good laugh out of it. Anyway, what do you guys think of this list. Do you agree with the way I have listed them. Do you have any cool Celebrity places in Austin or do you just like some of them most of the time. The first question you have to answer is where do you live. Do you live alone in a small house or live with someone. You live AloneYou live alone in a small house with your friend Bob. This might sound a little risky since you might end up getting robbed etc. So you decide to put a lock on the door and a dog to guard the place. Your friend Bob however is not convinced and thinks you should get a larger house as he is very happy with the one you have. You Live With BobYou decide to live with Bob since he is happy with the new house and you are. However Bob thinks you should take up with Jane as he wants you to live with her instead. You Move In With JaneYou decide to move in with Jane since she seems to be happy too. You are not sure if you will get on but you think you will get on alright. Roxy thinks you are getting with Bob because Roxy is always getting with Bob. Alice and Kevin think you are getting with Jane because you are always getting with Jane. You move In With KevinYou decide to move in with Kevin for a while since he is always happy anyway. Alice and Roxy think you are moving in with Jane just because she is going to move in there with Kevin. Kevin thought you were getting with Jane because Roxy is always going to Kevin and Kevin thinks she is with Jane because she is also going to Bob. You Keep Moving In With BobYou decide to continue living in a small house with your friends since Bob and Kevin seemed to forget about you, Although Alice and Kevin do remember you and continue to talk to you You think Alice and Roxy and Kevin and Jane are the biggest losers. You stay In Your NeighborhoodYou decide to stay in your neighborhood where you.

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