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Million, which is not far behind New York City. How much do you think Kanye West would have to make to afford this house. 1 milWould it be enough to keep you in the city. 2 milWould this house be enough on its own to make you happy. 3 milWould you still want to be a part of rap in the city if you had a house like this. 2 milHow much would you be willing to pay for this house. 1 milWould you be willing to make sacrifices for you and your childrens best interests. 2 milWhat would you sacrifice to help your family live a better life. 3 milAre you willing to move to California. NoWhen you live in a small town, its very lonely. He doesnt know much about your personal life. You would probably be in a more vulnerable postion in a house like this. When you move to a new place, you wont be in the same physicalpolitical position. You are the last one here, and you have to decide if Kanye is the best person to save hip hop. Mumbai-based cyber security firm HCL Technologies has raised a new round of funding from SoftBank, its backers said on Wednesday, as the company gears up to set up its second office in the US. 150 million in the new round of funding, the sources said. 50 million, they said on condition of anonymity. 50 million in HCL Technologies, which makes software to help banks check fraud and improve customer.

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celebrities who live in chicago