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DiceRollDie, 0, You 1 def1 You head out, on to the street. You need to be quick, because its dark and the streets are filled with cops. You dart through the crowd, taking cover behind a car. You take cover behind the parked car and begin firing your rifle into the air as you run, and hide behind a building. An officer sees you and tries to stop you, but youre too fast, you blast the officer and run off. He must have been a pretty hotshot, because he doesnt get away with it. You hear your name over the radio. The cops find you, and youre taken in for questioning. Its obvious you were running away from the cops. You dont do much talking during the interrogations though. When you eventually do, after a few weeks of interrogation, the police let you go. You thought Atlanta was the biggest city in the world. Youre taken back to your trailer and shown how to prepare for your big day, you were expecting to be arrested for a crime, but for being a sex offender, not murder. Thats why they chased you down, to catch the killer. And thats why youre so pissed at the people that killed your friend. YOUre the killer, because you let them. You let them take your friends life. A lot of people will tell you to forget about their pasts and move forward, but you cant. You must deal with it, because if you dont, theres always death. Life is terrible sometimes, but death is better than your past. Theres nothing, no comfort, no comfort. You hear something, like a car coming, in your direction. Youre not going to live to see this nightmare end. You begin walking, and you dont stop until you reach the studio. You look around cautiously and see a lot of people.

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celebrities who live in atlanta