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Just like I dont like playing video games. You dont hate video games, you hate the game developers. Its just a different medium and you like it for the same reason. Well, thats actually a pretty deep question. You sit silently at the computer typing in some words in a text document. The sound of a single womans voice behind you causes you to turn around and stare at the door, hoping that its going to be Amanda. The voice says, her voice sounding much more excited than Amandas ever has. Ani is, like, the most popular girl out of that show, and youre a nerd. So what anime are you into, little dude. Can you tell me, or am I not getting anywhere with you. You shake your head, and the girls voice laughs. Goddamn it, youre lucky I dont make you wear a skirt and a tiara. I can see how youd be a lesbian, but I dont think youd like guys. You whirl around, a shot of blinding pain shooting through you. A large man in a black tuxedo, sunglasses, black pants, a black vest, a black tie, a white shirt with two white dots on it, a black bow tie, a black and yellow striped tie with a yellow stripe at the center and a blue striped tie with a blue stripe at the center of his face appears in front of you, and you feel a wave of pain shoot up your back. The woman in black glasses continues to stand in the doorway, a frowning face and a raised eyebrow.

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celebrities who like anime